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Monday, July 8

The Tittabawasse river system is made up of 4 lakes made possible by 4 hydro electric dams. These 4 lakes offer great fishing opportunities for Pike, Walleye and Bass. They are also great recreation lakes for skiing, tubing or relaxing. There are several nice homes and vacant lots along these water ways.

Fishing season is upon us. The cold and rainy spring made it a difficult start for the Trout and Walleye fisherman. Now that the weather seems to be turned around the reports of fish being taken are coming in.

The local lakes are producing good size Bass, Walleye and Northern pike.
I've seen some nice Brown trout and even a couple 8- 10 inch Brookies come from the trout streams.

We just got back from Canada, we stayed at Flame Lake lodge near Chapleau in Ontario. I have spent many years fishing there. The Walleye are great as well as the Northern Pike. We caught more than enough to eat everyday. We fish several back lakes that take a little bit of work to get to but the rewards are worth it. The best Walleye fishing was on Flame lake. This lake only has the lodge and one other cabin on it so the fishing pressure is low.

You can also get to 2 other lakes form Flame Lake, both by river. The first, Vincent lake, is about a 2 mile ride down river. This is a smaller lake but the walleye hit fast and furious. The next was Burnt wood lake, about another 4 miles down river. This is a Large lake with good pike and walleye. In the spring of the year these lake are easy to reach as you can motor over most of the beaver dams.

We also fish several back lakes one of which is Waubus. We caught just about everything you could on this lake. Walleye, Lake trout, White fish, Pike.

There is a lot of wildlife to see also. We saw several bear everyday ranging from about 50 pounds to over 300 pounds. One large cow Moose with out a calf. In years past we have seen Lynx and Wolf. You'll also see many beaver, otter and mink.

 The Blue berries, Raspberry, and Black berries are out in large amounts and getting ready to ripen. Its a great way to enjoy the afternoon with the kids (and get in a little scouting).

We all know the Mosquitos are out in force this year. It's hard to go out any time to enjoy the outdoors with out having to be soaked in Deet first. The Dragon flies are coming out and this should help cut the Mosquitos and Deer flies down

We didn't have many Morrels around here this year but the wild Asparagus was great. It's always fun to go for a drive and pick some "ditch food"
The new O.R.V. trails are now open. You can now ride your Quad or A.T.V. thru town and out to state land. Gladwin boasts over 80,000 contiguous acres of state land open to the public for a wide variety of uses including hiking, o.r.v. trail riding, snowmobiling, small game and big game hunting.
Gladwin also boasts several large all sports lakes that you can enjoy skiing, tubing, swimming and fishing. There are several fishing tournaments held throuhout the year on these lakes. Several championship golf courses and shopping malls within minutes of each other. 

If you're looking for that waterfront home or cabin, or that hunting cabin or large hunting lodge, we can help you find it.  Gladwin truly is a recreation town, all this within a 2.5 hour drive of Metro Detroit.
If you're interested in a wilderness fishing trip at a great lodge look up Flame lake lodge in Ontario. Great people , lodge is off the grid ( not by choice). They have wind generator and solar panels that supply electricity with out the noise of a diesel. And the fishing and hunting in the area is excellent.
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